About Us

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We Are Partners in Creating Social Change

We dream of a just

and equitable world.


Guided by our vision of a world where all people have what they need to fully live into their potential, we partner with nonprofits and foundations to create strategies, implement them, engage stakeholders, and learn what works in pursuit of their missions. We work by their side with a spirit of intense partnership to co-create solutions. We’re relentlessly learning what it takes to make lasting change and creating resources so others can use those insights.

Learn more about our commitment to racial equity.


Core to who we are is how we work. Our partners know we aren’t afraid to initiate difficult conversations, surface unspoken assumptions, and question the status quo. We leverage our team’s diverse sets of expertise and partner with others to ensure clients get the comprehensive, integrated services they need. We journey with partners for the long haul, bringing joy and levity to the process of co-creation, flexing as their needs shift, and staying focused on the impact they seek to create.


We were created by the nonprofit Share Our Strength to lift up what’s working across the field. After partnering with more than 500 organizations over more than two decades, we know the work of social change isn’t easy, but we’re seeing partners make meaningful progress in tackling some of today’s most daunting challenges.


Our values embody our culture and commitment to racial equity. They guide how we approach our work, interact with partners, and shape our organization.


We bring a passion for social change, a zest for teamwork, structure, data, and expert facilitation to help our partners get further, faster.

We are

continually learning


We have a vision: we dream of a world where all people thrive. To realize that dream, we are committed to sharing what we learn so nonprofits and foundations can have greater impact.