Wes Gifford

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Wes Gifford


What inspires me: The open road, the wind in my face, and the noisy silence of a wooded camp lit only by moonlight

I do what I do because: I have seen firsthand the heartfelt hope for a better tomorrow that unites people and communities across our country, and I know that it runs far deeper than politics or ideology

I think the world would be better if: Everyone could see the humor in themselves and the humanity in others

Core Expertise:

      • Data collection and analysis
      • Design and delivery of capacity-building programs
      • Capacity assessments for nonprofits, foundations, and coalitions
      • Project management

As a Senior Manager, Wes helps her partners define success and make data-informed decisions. Wes brings a wealth of experience in analyzing data, managing programs and projects, and supporting large, diverse groups of individuals from nonprofits, foundations, and capacity-building organizations as they work together to grow their impact and make transformational change.

At Community Wealth Partners, he has helped design and implement multiple large-scale capacity-building programs focused on supporting nonprofits and coalitions through a lens of racial equity. He has worked to develop and improve tools to assess nonprofit capacity and combined those tools with Community Wealth Partners’ Transformation Lifecycle to create a diagnostic tool to help nonprofits and coalitions identify where they are in that lifecycle.

Wes brings extensive experience leading large projects and managing complex processes at the intersection of law, government regulation, and the public interest. He has conducted extensive research and analysis on fast-moving global events and transformed that analysis into policy recommendations and actionable solutions. Before moving into consulting, Wes worked for the State Department on freedom of information issues, in which he managed major projects involving the review and release of tens of thousands of documents. He created spreadsheets, databases, and processes that saved the government thousands of hours of manual labor.

Wes has a B.A. from American University in International Service with a focus on community development and international communication.



WGifford [at] communitywealth [dot] com

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