Simone Swanson

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Simone Swanson

Communications and Business Development Manager

What inspires me: People who despite their circumstances use their talent to align with destiny then reach back to help others traveling the journey of life.

I do what I do because: I believe in the transformative power of words and creativity. Through various forms of communications humanity has the power to connect, heal and empower the world around us. 

I think the world would be better if: We could learn to love and respect ourselves and our neighbors the way we love and respect our dearest friends. 

Core Expertise:

  • Writing and storytelling
  • Digital marketing
  • Public speaking
  • Community engagement
  • Partnership development
  • Program design, implementation and evaluation

As Communications and Business Development Manager, Simone is responsible for communicating the impact of the firms’ work through day-to-day communications and marketing activities. In her role, she also supports day-to-day business development activities to deepen relationships with clients and partners. 

Simone has over a decade of experience working with grassroots and nationwide nonprofit organizations in community outreach, program design and partnership development. Prior to joining the organization, Simone worked as an independent consultant helping nonprofit and for-profit entities build brand strategies and design programming. Before becoming a consultant, Simone served as the Director of Community Outreach for a cancer support center where she designed, managed and implemented an outreach plan to increase awareness and build partnerships in Black, brown, and LGBTQ+ populations. She has participated and led strategic planning sessions to help cultivate young leaders. Simone serves as a keynote speaker at retreats and facilitator for topics relevant to women and girls. 

Simone received a B.A. in Communication from Bowling Green State University. She serves on the Board of Directors for Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland and as Co-Chair for the Women of Color Foundation Millennial Suite Network.



sswanson [at] communitywealth [dot] com

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