Share Our Strength

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Community Wealth Partners is part of the Share Our Strength family.


Share Our Strength began in 1984 with a mission to end hunger in the United States and abroad, and with the belief that everyone has a strength to share in the global fight against hunger and poverty.

Since then, Share Our Strength has made tremendous strides, providing more than 1 billion meals to children through the No Kid Hungry campaign, which is focused on ending childhood hunger in the United States.

Since the No Kid Hungry campaign began, the number of children living with hunger in the United States has fallen by a third.

A key part of Share Our Strength’s success has been its ability to attract diverse partners and revenue sources. Share Our Strength’s partnerships with leaders in business, government, health, education, sports, and entertainment have enabled the organization to attract more resources to advance its mission.

Buoyed by this success, the founders of Share Our Strength, Billy Shore and Debbie Shore, wanted to find a way to share what they learned with other organizations to help them advance their own missions.

In 1997, Share Our Strength launched Community Wealth Partners (formerly Community Wealth Ventures) as an independent organization.

Debbie Shore

A success story

that helps others

to succeed

Today, we are guided by our vision of a world where all people have what they need to fully live into their potential, particularly those who are kept furthest from resources and power. 

Since the beginning, the idea of community wealth has been core to who we are.

Similar to Share Our Strength’s belief that everyone has a strength to share, community wealth is created as people from varied backgrounds share their strengths to advance worthy causes that lift up communities. These strengths not only have the potential to generate monetary wealth and positive change, but also to create relationships that yield new perspectives and enrich lives.

Because leveraging philanthropy alone is not enough to solve social problems, our initial focus was on bringing Share Our Strength’s expertise in social enterprise to the sector. Over the two decades since then, we’ve broadened our scope.

We’re applying successful approaches we’ve learned through work with Share Our Strength and more than 500 other organizations in our pursuit of a world where everyone can thrive.

Today, we partner with nonprofits and foundations that are tackling complex issues connected to poverty and social justice.