COVID-19 Resources

Resources to navigate challenges and seize opportunities raised by the pandemic.

Community Foundation Funding Practices

As community foundations stretch in new ways to respond to community needs, many are thinking differently about their role, their value proposition to donors, and how they assess impact.

Community-Based Organizations & High-Capacity Donors: Relationships, Perceptions, & Behaviors

Through interviews with nonprofit leaders and high-capacity donors, we explore how donors’ motivations and philanthropic practices affect both their grantmaking and the ways they build and maintain relationships with nonprofit organizations. With consideration for the inequities in the philanthropic space, and using principles from the behavioral sciences, we suggest ways to improve the donor-nonprofit relationship and unlock funding for high-quality, underfunded community-based organizations.

Field Guide: Stakeholder Engagement

Strategies are stronger when we engage a diverse set of people in shaping solutions. This field guide will help you begin the strategy process with a clear understanding of which stakeholders you want to engage, why their input matters, and how you will engage them.

Three Factors of Sustainability

Why organizations need to examine their social impact, economic viability, and capacity to deliver in order to remain relevant and viable both now and into the future.

Field Guide: Earned-Revenue Strategies

Earned revenue is one strategy that can give organizations more financial stability and help strengthen an organization’s impact. This field guide is for nonprofits considering earned-revenue opportunities and funders looking to support grantees in doing so.