Our Team

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Our Team


Partners for

the entire journey

We bring a passion for social change, a zest for teamwork, structure, data, and expert facilitation to help you get further, faster.

Our team members have diverse sets of experience and knowledge, and if our team doesn’t have everything you’re looking for, we bring in partners to ensure you get the comprehensive, integrated services you need.


  • All
  • Consulting
  • Leadership
  • Operations and Communications

Amy Celep

Amy Farley

Carla Taylor

Carolina Ramirez

Idalia Fernandez

Jahera Otieno

Kaylyn Williams

Lori Bartczak

Nicole Stoker

Nou Vang

Rachel Hutt

Raffie Parke

Sandra Moore

Simone Swanson

Tanya Smith-Evans

Walter Howell

Wes Gifford


Lauri Valerio

Dax-Devlon Ross

Karla Morrison-Brooks

H. Lien Bragg

María A. Fernández

Sandhya Chari

Jessica Bearman

Allison Brown

Coleen Curry


Shamar Bibbins

Wally Doolin

Bill Shore

Marcus Walton

Trenor Williams

JoEllyn Powell

Kim Dempsey

Nefertiri Sickout


Guild Health Group

Horizon Advisory Group


Lassiter & Associates

Partners for Collaborative Change