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Now you can more easily find the content you need

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Our website looks a little different these days. We just redesigned it with our partners at Ghost Note with one key goal: making it easier for you to get what you need to create the impact you seek.

Here’s what you can find.


We’re regularly creating new content, so we wanted to make our website easy for you to explore and find what’s relevant.

  • Our resources page is full of field guides, articles, tools, and other content that we’ve spent substantial time developing
  • Our blog is where we share in real time what we’re learning, thinking, and reading
  • Our transformation insights page goes deep on what it takes for social change initiatives to achieve lasting, transformational, systems-level change
  • Our capacity building insights page highlights five foundations’ approaches to capacity building and common themes in what works

Case studies

What does it look like to develop a capacity assessment tool? Or rethink your strategy to have greater impact? Our new case studies walk through some work we’ve been lucky to partner on with clients.

Clear descriptions of what we do

We’ve heard it before: “What exactly do you do?” and “I had no idea you did that!” We took it to heart. And now we hope we’re more clearly describing how we can partner with you. Take a look at the services we provide to nonprofits and grantmakers, and read about how we approach our work.

We were lucky to have fantastic partners in this redesign. Several clients and friends generously shared their time to give feedback on our site and language. The digital creative agency Ghost Note worked relentlessly to understand what our clients most want from us and translated that into a beautiful, crisp, vibrant, accessible website. To everyone who touched this project, thank you.

Take a look around and let us know what you think! If you come across errors or tech issues, or even something you love, please send a quick note to It will make the website better for everyone.


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