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Dream Forward: Solving Problems at the Magnitude They Exist

Our journey to Dream Forward began in 2011, when U.J., a dear friend of our organization, asked us one question: “What are the biggest issues facing humanity?”

Together, we explored the world’s challenges, the world we dream of living in—a world that looks dramatically different than the one we live in today—and the many reasons why it’s so hard to create this. We talked a lot about the barriers to realizing this dream, but the one we spent the most time talking about was fear of failure and the unknown. It’s self-inflicted yet it’s the barrier that we believe is at the core of lack of progress. It’s those who are most courageous and who overcome this fear—from Martin Luther King to Ghandi to Amelia Earhart—who have pushed humankind forward.

Our conclusion: We need to inspire courage, encourage boldness, and squelch the fear that holds us all back—all in an effort to move our dreams forward. The Dream is about the idealism that keeps us going and on the path to solving problems at the magnitude they exist. The Forward is about the actions, the tenacity and the grittiness that will get us there. Dream Forward inspires and reminds us to give ourselves permission to hold onto the dream and act boldly on its behalf.

What do you Dream Forward to? Please share with us. We also invite you to Dream Forward with us by watching our video, subscribing to our blog, or following us on Twitter @WeDreamForward.

And remember, when the world pushes back, Dream Forward.

Amy Celep

About Amy Celep

As CEO of Community Wealth Partners, Amy Celep guides the organization’s strategic direction and oversees its more than 20 employees in their efforts to support partners in solving problems at the magnitude they exist. Amy was named to this role in April 2010, and since then has led the organization in developing and implementing a new strategy for greater impact, while achieving 50 percent revenue growth and securing a marquee list of partners. See Amy's full bio

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