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We Are Community Wealth Partners: Here’s Why

Starting today, we are changing our name from Community Wealth Ventures to Community Wealth Partners. Over the last fifteen years we’ve pushed ourselves to do our work even more powerfully and we’ve evolved in terms of how we do our work in partnership with others. So our name must evolve as well. This new name reflects who we have gradually become.

With this shift, we bring a fresh lens to the familiar concept of community wealth. For those who read The Cathedral Within, by our founder Bill Shore, you may recall that Shore talks about community wealth as creating wealth that can be directly used for the benefit of a community, as opposed to creating wealth for an individual shareholder. You may even think of it more narrowly as resources generated to promote social change through non-traditional means such as social enterprises or corporate partnerships.

From the examples Shore shared in his book, it is clear that community wealth is in fact created as people from diverse backgrounds connect, engage and share their strengths to lift up their communities. Only when people do this, is it possible to solve problems at the magnitude they exist and create a world in which all people thrive. And this remains at the heart of what we’re about.

We also know that this is hard work, and at times, it can be discouraging. This is where partnership comes in.

To best support change agents who are tackling our communities’ biggest challenges, we know that a deep, genuine commitment to partnership must remain at the core of how we approach our relationships. For those who have worked with us, you know we are not afraid of rolling up our sleeves and working as an extension of your team to get the job done. We’ve always embraced this spirit of intense partnership, and we find that when we do, together, we act more boldly, and together, we get farther.

To us, working in partnership means:

  • We are equally accountable to the goal.
  • We create, experiment and discover together.
  • We value and respect each other’s perspectives.
  • We seek first to understand before being understood.
  • We are vulnerable with each other—willing to say what we don’t know and willing to share the messiness while we figure out what we do know.
  • We recognize that we are a piece of a much bigger, complicated puzzle.
  • We engage in open, honest dialogue about the things that matter most.

To recognize the importance of this collaborative spirit in solving social problems at the magnitude they exist, we are Community Wealth Partners.

Amy Celep

About Amy Celep

As CEO of Community Wealth Partners, Amy Celep guides the organization’s strategic direction and oversees its more than 20 employees in their efforts to support partners in solving problems at the magnitude they exist. Amy was named to this role in April 2010, and since then has led the organization in developing and implementing a new strategy for greater impact, while achieving 50 percent revenue growth and securing a marquee list of partners. See Amy's full bio

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