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What Tiffany Cooper Gueye & BELL Dream Forward To

I Dream Forward to a day when all children excel.

I Dream Forward to everyone sharing the belief that all children have tremendous potential, and to communities holding children to high expectations. On this day, correlations between poverty and achievement, race and educational attainment, and zip code and earnings won’t exist. Children with linguistic and learning differences will thrive in ways that are not markedly different than other thriving children. All children will access the support they need to graduate high school, earn a college degree, and make meaningful contributions to the world through their work.

Because BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) believes this dream is attainable, we call the children we serve scholars, and we teach them that despite being born into poverty, there is no limit on what they can do. We teach them that a success in school can be leveraged for success in life, and we provide enriching learning experiences after school and in the summer months, so that there is no “break” from their pursuits of school excellence, and no “break” in their journey towards life success.

At BELL we reach tens of thousands of students, but I Dream Forward to a day when learning for all children goes beyond a few hours a day between September and June. I Dream Forward to a day when instead, all children, not just those from well-resourced homes, access amazing and varied enrichment experiences all day and all year. When this happens, children will learn, they will love to learn, and they will aspire to great things. I Dream Forward to children reaching their aspirations. I Dream Forward to a day when all children excel.

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