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Creating Transformational Change: Top Ten Insights

We have been on a fascinating journey at Community Wealth Partners to answer one key question: Why do some social change initiatives achieve transformational impact and others don’t? This is not a question that is answered overnight. It truly is a journey. How do we define transformation? We’re talking about eradication of—or at least dramatic improvement on—a social problem. I recognize that “eradication” and “dramatic” are strong words. But, if history …Read More

Top Ten Tips for Effective Measurement

Community Wealth Partners works with clients to enhance organizational sustainability and growth for greater impact. One of the best ways to demonstrate impact is to measure both the performance and the outcomes of an organization. Here are some tips to improve measurement within your organization. 1. Quantify Your Mission Statement Most mission statements reflect positive, but abstract, goals. Turn these abstract goals into specific, measurable targets. Organizations that quantify their …Read More

Top Ten Most Intriguing Social Innovations

An intriguing social innovation has a unique approach, but it may be a fresh take on an old idea. Such innovation sparks curiosity from the innovator’s peers, as well as from people outside his or her field. Perhaps the concept is completely new, the results of the innovation are outstanding, or the idea—once put in action—has allowed the organization to accomplish great results with limited resources. Here are Community Wealth …Read More

Top Ten Trends to Watch in 2010

Adapting to change is a way of life for most nonprofits. If we could predict change and events before they occurred, imagine how much more effective we could all be! Since we don’t have a crystal ball, we at Community Wealth Partners, along with our clients and colleagues, have done some thinking about the key issues and trends that will have the greatest impact on our work in the coming …Read More

Top Ten: Social Media Outlets

Social media are no longer just for tech-savvy teenagers and computer wizards. Now nonprofit organizations are using social media to get their messages out to a broad audience at a very low cost (typically for free, though with the investment of staff time). In fact, a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research study recently looked at the use of social media among America’s largest charities and found that …Read More

Top Ten: Most Innovative Ideas and Interesting Headlines of 2008

2008 was a year of ups and downs for almost every sector; however, a number of nonprofit, social enterprise, and philanthropic organizations demonstrated tremendous innovation in 2008, while others stimulated intriguing headlines. Below is a sampling of some of the most innovative ideas and interesting headlines of the last year. 1. Innovative IPO “Initial Partnership Offering” Fundraising Strategy Increases in Prevalence In 2008, Do Something, a not for profit organization …Read More