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Leveraging Social Enterprise to Achieve Transformational Change

By John Kern One million students drop out of school every year. High school dropouts are eight times more likely to be incarcerated, and will earn one million dollars less over the course of their lifetime compared to those with a high school degree. In the coming decade, more than 12 million students are expected to drop out of school, costing the country three trillion dollars. While these statistics are …Read More

Finding Courage in Nonprofit Leadership: CVNPA

Much of the work we do in the social sector takes immense courage. We have to make critical decisions in an environment of ambiguity, overcoming our natural fear of the unknown.  The weight of making the wrong decision – failing those who need our support the most, being wrong about our theory of change, choosing program A over program B when there is no data to support the choice – …Read More

What the heck does Community Wealth really mean?

It’s funny how worlds sometimes collide, bringing a new lens to a familiar concept. Many of us who have read Bill Shore’s The Cathedral Within learned to think of Community Wealth as: Revenues generated to promote social change through non-traditional sources such as earned income, social enterprise, corporate partnerships and cause related marketing. These resources are generated because there is market that values the assets or services of a nonprofit …Read More