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2 Pernicious Misconceptions about Stakeholder Engagement – Part 2

by Amy Farley “Who should be at the table?” is both a question that all strong collaborative efforts should continually ask and a question that often stymies forward momentum. This is the second blog in a set of two posts exploring pernicious misconceptions about stakeholder engagement we have seen among collaborative efforts. In the prior post, we explored the validity of the belief some groups have that “our decisions will …Read More

2 Pernicious Misconceptions about Stakeholder Engagement – Part 1

by Amy Farley “Who should be at the table?” is a critical question that all collaborative efforts face throughout their existence. We’ve seen that the most successful collaborative efforts constantly evaluate whether the right mixture of stakeholders are working together and committed to the definition of success and supporting strategies. This same question, though, can significantly stymie a collaborative group’s forward momentum. When working within in an organization it’s not …Read More

The Inevitable Chicken vs. Egg Battles of Collaboration

by Amy Farley In a recent post we explored the importance of finding progress in the overwhelming volume of “process” that can surface when a collaborative effort is just getting started. Inherent in helping group members find a sense of progress in their work is the need for a clear and commonly shared sense of destination: it’s difficult to feel forward momentum when you’re lost in the forest and are …Read More

Are You Collaborating On Solid Ground?

By Amy Farley You cannot realize social transformation in a vacuum. It requires looking outside yourself and beyond your organization’s walls, seeking opportunities to collaborate intentionally both with others you know well and with “unlikely suspects.” As we all know, this is easier said than done. Collaborative efforts can take a variety of forms, but in this post I want to discuss the type of collaboration that involves the strategic and …Read More

When “The Basics” Become Revolutionary for Social Change

By Amy Celep Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of attending and speaking at three conferences: the Texas Nonprofit Summit, the KaBOOM! Playful City USA Summit, and Independent Sector. Across these convenings, two particular observations stuck in my mind: 1. “The Basics” Can Be Revolutionary “THAT ROCKED MY WORLD!” is the feedback I received from one leader who approached me after participating in a conversation around our …Read More

Creating Transformational Change: Top Ten Insights

We have been on a fascinating journey at Community Wealth Partners to answer one key question: Why do some social change initiatives achieve transformational impact and others don’t? This is not a question that is answered overnight. It truly is a journey. How do we define transformation? We’re talking about eradication of—or at least dramatic improvement on—a social problem. I recognize that “eradication” and “dramatic” are strong words. But, if history …Read More

Your Survival is on the Line. Now What?

Last week’s keynote speech on “Investing In Leaders Who Stop at Nothing in Pursuit of Greater Social Impact”, by Leap Of Reason author Mario Morino at the City Club in Cleveland, should have been a wake-up call to nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.  If they take to heart Morino’s warning that “your survival is on the line”, they must ask themselves the following questions: What steps are you taking to build …Read More

The Role of Data: Using Information to Enlighten Decisions and Create Culture

New York City in the late 1980’s was a city plagued by crime and engulfed in a culture of rampant corruption.  The subway was considered incredibly dangerous, and petty crime had a strangle-hold on the streets.  To put it bluntly, it was a not safe place.  But over the course of several years and under new direction from the police chief and mayor, the city began to see a positive change.  …Read More

Changing the Conversation

As Amy Celep noted in an earlier post, “changing the conversation” can be a powerful tool toward creating the change we want to see in the world.  I was reminded of the validity of Amy’s claim during a recent lunch meeting with Jim Down, a wonderful strategic thinker who led Mercer Management Consulting until retiring at age 50. Since then he has played a critical role in the nonprofit sector, …Read More

Dear Social Sector: Did you hear the President call us to action?

In the words spoken and unspoken during President Obama’s State of the Union address, I heard three strong calls to action for the social sector. 1. Put our differences aside in pursuit of the mission. In his speech, President Obama pointed to the military’s ability to put aside differences and focus on the mission.  On many military missions, it’s life or death for those involved. For much of our work …Read More