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5 Factors of Sustainability: This isn’t your grandmother’s sustainability framework.

Across the board, nonprofit organizations are on a quest for sustainability. Despite the growing interest in the topic, confusion often exists as to what sustainability for a nonprofit organization entails. For many people sustainability means one thing and one thing only: financial health. And we can understand why, especially in this economy. But at Community Wealth Partners we believe that an organization’s financial health is just one piece of its …Read More

First Person: Dale Mezzacappa, Board Chair, Education Writers Association

Dale Mezzacappa, Board President of the Education Writers Association, talked with Community Wealth Vanguard about sustainability and refining the organization’s mission to reach a broader audience. What factors led the board and leadership of EWA to engage in a planning process? Obviously the main factor is that the journalism profession is changing rapidly. EWA felt that we had to adapt to see how we could better serve the members of …Read More