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The State of Diversity in the Nonprofit Sector

With this post, we will examine data surrounding the current state of racial diversity in leadership, staff, and boards across organizations in the nonprofit sector. As the sector increasingly recognizes the need for talent diversity as a strategy to accelerate social change, Community Wealth Partners has conducted a scan of existing research to understand the factors leading to gaps in attracting/recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing people of color. The scan was …Read More

Top Ten Most Intriguing Social Innovations

An intriguing social innovation has a unique approach, but it may be a fresh take on an old idea. Such innovation sparks curiosity from the innovator’s peers, as well as from people outside his or her field. Perhaps the concept is completely new, the results of the innovation are outstanding, or the idea—once put in action—has allowed the organization to accomplish great results with limited resources. Here are Community Wealth …Read More

First Person: Steve Reinemund

Steve Reinemund, Dean of Business and Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Wake Forest University, talked with Community Wealth Vanguard about staying focused on mission and being adaptable. He also shared lessons learned from more than three decades in business. Reinemund was previously the Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., where one of his key areas of focus was diversity. What approaches keep organizations focused on their missions? It starts …Read More