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Funding Impact Through Innovation: An Update on Strive Partnership

By Alix Wilson The Problem Leading experts in early childhood development have identified third grade reading proficiency as a critical indicator of long-term academic success. Students who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade are at high risk of struggling in later grades and are much more likely to drop-out of school. In 2012, more than 43% of 3rd graders in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky were not …Read More

Transformational Change Requires More Than Program Replication

By Amy Celep This post was written for inclusion in a series of response essays to Social Impact Exchange’s 2013 Conference on Scaling Impact. You can find the original essay here and additional essays on the Social Impact Exchange blog. You may have heard the story of the babies in the river. There was a small village on the edge of a river. One day a villager notices a baby …Read More

Transforming Homelessness in the Nation’s Capital

By Renee Baiorunos Last week, several members of the Community Wealth Partners team joined about 250 people to kick-off The Way Home: a campaign to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC by 2017. Currently, the average number of chronically homeless individuals in DC stands at nearly 1,800 individuals, but The Way Home believes the District of Columbia has “the resources, creativity, and ability to end chronic homelessness.” The kick-off’s main …Read More

Leveraging Social Enterprise to Achieve Transformational Change

By John Kern One million students drop out of school every year. High school dropouts are eight times more likely to be incarcerated, and will earn one million dollars less over the course of their lifetime compared to those with a high school degree. In the coming decade, more than 12 million students are expected to drop out of school, costing the country three trillion dollars. While these statistics are …Read More

Balance Bold & Believable by Bite-Sizing Social Transformation into “Proof of Concept”

By Diana Peacock Time and time again in our research and our direct work with efforts tackling social problems at the magnitude they exist, we have seen change agents stuck in a precarious balancing act. Leaders of such efforts must constantly balance the need to inspire stakeholders with bold ambition while also providing reassurance that accomplishing dramatic progress is actually possible. “Proof of Concept” is a strategic device we have …Read More

Maximizing Impact by Investing in Sustainability

By Diana Peacock Many of our nation’s communities struggle with problems of mounting crime, economic stagnation, deteriorating housing, and community disunity.  Sometimes the strongest and most sustainable solutions for combating these problems arise not from outside intervention, but instead from within the communities themselves. For nearly a decade, Wells Fargo Regional Foundation has supported neighborhood revitalization initiatives that seek to transform their communities through deep resident engagement, direct service, and …Read More

Cross-Sector Leadership from the Presidio to the Jet Bridge

By Sara Brenner Last week I joined senior officials from the White House, Congress, the State of California, private industry, and the social sector for the Forum on Cross-Sector Leadership at the Presidio Institute in San Francisco. The Forum focused on exploring real-world examples of cross-sector partnerships and contributing to the design of the Presidio Institute as a global laboratory for incubating best cross-sector practices and fostering lasting partnerships to solve major societal challenges. One of …Read More

Unleashing Collaborative Action for Healthy Schools

By Amy Farley The health of Colorado’s children earned a D+ on the Colorado Health Foundation’s 2012 Health Report Card. Approximately nine percent of kids have no form of insurance and are therefore more likely to lack coordinated medical, mental, and dental care. Only 64 percent of kids participate in physical activity four or more days a week, and 14 percent are obese. Acknowledging these heart wrenching statistics, the Colorado Health …Read More

Reframing What’s Possible: An Update on our Partnership with KaBOOM!

By Diana Peacock Darell Hammond founded KaBOOM! in 1996 after reading a tragic report about two children who suffocated while playing in a car because they didn’t have anywhere else to play. Recognizing that many kids lacked sufficient opportunities to play, the KaBOOM! team set out to build, improve, and open new playgrounds. Since its founding, KaBOOM! has catalyzed over 15,000 playground builds; served more than 6.5 million kids; helped make volunteer-led …Read More

Advice + Results from 2 Nonprofits and a Foundation with Bold Goals

By Will DeKrey As Community Wealth Partners has examined how transformational change agents define success for their efforts, we have found that they approach this question differently than many of their social sector peers. They push beyond compelling but often ambiguous vision and mission statements and choose to define success with bold goals. Such goals lead to decisions that propel change agents on a different trajectory, which ultimately leads to …Read More