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How to Create and Live Partnership Principles

By Amy Celep Have you ever been part of a collaborative that agreed to uphold a set of values or principles but then the group never talked about them again and didn’t live up to them? In both our research around and work with efforts that have realized social transformation, we have seen that many of these efforts are able to make progress because they’ve invested time in intentionally building …Read More

Partnership Principles: A Practical Tool for Effective Collaboration (and Family Gatherings!)

By Amy Celep As families across the country prepare to gather for Thanksgiving, it is an opportune time to share a practical tip for collaboration. Even in families, it requires intentional effort to ensure everyone is working together effectively to pull off a fantastic Thanksgiving feast. A shared understanding about the way things will be done is important. For example, does everyone share the same attitude about what the traditional …Read More

Don’t Let Culture Eat Collaboration for Breakfast

By Amy Celep Collaboration makes sense. We see daunting social problems in our communities and we realize that we cannot tackle these problems alone. We can, however, pool our strengths and collectively achieve bigger results. But so often we struggle to realize the potential of collaboration. We create a national coalition, or a state collaborating table, or a local collective impact initiative. We set a bold goal. We determine the …Read More

The Home that Community Wealth Partners Built!

Yesterday, after several months of camping out in temporary space, the Community Wealth Partners team moved into our very own office space on the 10th floor of 1825 K St. in Washington, DC. We’ve been building out this space over the past year to reflect our core values: Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Ambition. As such, the architecture invites in natural light through large windows, fosters conversation and co-creation with …Read More