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Living in the Market to Bring Light to the Base of the Pyramid

This is the twentieth in a series of posts that will examine ten insights Community Wealth Partners has uncovered through our research of and experience with initiatives that have created transformational social change. As Amy discussed in her recent post, creating transformational change requires Living in the Market. This involves being intimately in tune with the market at both the micro and macro level.   Few social impact organizations have done this as well as d.light …Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: Our hopes for the social sector in 2012

Coming off of a restful and happy holiday season, the CWP team has spent the last few days contemplating what lies ahead in 2012. Inspired by the resolutions of other nonprofit leaders, such as those in a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article, we decided to put together our own New Year’s resolutions for the social sector in 2012. Overall these resolutions represent our hopes for a social sector that is …Read More

Finding Courage in Nonprofit Leadership: CVNPA

Much of the work we do in the social sector takes immense courage. We have to make critical decisions in an environment of ambiguity, overcoming our natural fear of the unknown.  The weight of making the wrong decision – failing those who need our support the most, being wrong about our theory of change, choosing program A over program B when there is no data to support the choice – …Read More

11 Key Ingredients for Exponential Growth & Transformational Social Change

Share Our Strength has been on an incredible journey of growth over the past few years.  From 2008 to 2011, we’ve gone from being a $13-million organization to a $34-million organization. In the past year or so, we’ve more than doubled our staff size from 65 to 140. But we have not grown for the joy of feeling bigger and more powerful. We have grown because we were determined to …Read More

Creating your own Arcadia: Where do you start?

This post was inspired by a question posed by Elizabeth Merritt, the Founding Director of the Center for the Future of Museums: “How can museums bolster their financial sustainability while magnifying their impact?” When I learned about Arcadia Center for Food and Sustainable Agriculture—the partnership between Woodlawn and the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, my eyes lit up and my heart beat a little faster. You see, this partnership not only exemplifies the …Read More

Why Competitive Advantage Matters. Even for Nonprofits.

As Summer hinted in her post last week, some people in the social sector simply don’t like to talk about competition.  But in reality, all nonprofits compete with each other for needed resources: donors, sponsors, clients and consumers, staff, volunteers, nearly anything and everything needed for success. Organizations that actually dedicate time and energy to truly understanding and internalizing their position in the collaborative / competitive landscape are best able …Read More

Sharing Our Growth: Learn to Play Offense and Put Financial Instability Behind You.

This is the ninth in a series of posts that will tease out key ingredients from the exponential growth of Share Our Strength over the past few years. Financial instability and/or peril is distracting, demoralizing and debilitating.  If all of your energy is absorbed on the issue of how to make your payroll and your budget, you will not have enough left over to devote to strategy, growth, and mission.  …Read More

What the heck does Community Wealth really mean?

It’s funny how worlds sometimes collide, bringing a new lens to a familiar concept. Many of us who have read Bill Shore’s The Cathedral Within learned to think of Community Wealth as: Revenues generated to promote social change through non-traditional sources such as earned income, social enterprise, corporate partnerships and cause related marketing. These resources are generated because there is market that values the assets or services of a nonprofit …Read More

How Could Government Funding Cuts Build a Stronger Social Sector?

In his recent post calling for nonprofits to “get off the sidelines and into the game,” Share Our Strength’s Billy Shore issues a rallying cry.  He suggests that the nonprofit and philanthropic community use the imminent federal budget cuts as a call to action for our sector to find greater financial sustainability.  He argues that “the lives of too many Americans are so dependent on the health of the nonprofit …Read More

Off the Sidelines and into the Game

Guest Post Contributed By Billy Shore, Founder and Chairman of Community Wealth Partners In anticipation of President Obama’s announcement of his 2012 budget proposal last Monday, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published an article speculating about the impact that proposed budget cuts will have on the nonprofit sector. The White House has already signaled that it wants to cut Community Service Block Grants and Community Development Block Grants which fund many nonprofits and anti-poverty …Read More