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How Can Foundations Establish a Change-Making Culture?

Culture: the way we do things around here. This common phrase diminishes the importance of culture. Cultivating an intentional change-making culture is imperative for foundations that want to move from grant making to change making. Culture is a critical strategy for large-scale change and involves the consistent, long-term promotion of the values, norms, and daily behaviors that allow people, organizations, and communities to align their actions in a disciplined way. …Read More

2 Pernicious Misconceptions about Stakeholder Engagement – Part 2

by Amy Farley “Who should be at the table?” is both a question that all strong collaborative efforts should continually ask and a question that often stymies forward momentum. This is the second blog in a set of two posts exploring pernicious misconceptions about stakeholder engagement we have seen among collaborative efforts. In the prior post, we explored the validity of the belief some groups have that “our decisions will …Read More

2 Pernicious Misconceptions about Stakeholder Engagement – Part 1

by Amy Farley “Who should be at the table?” is a critical question that all collaborative efforts face throughout their existence. We’ve seen that the most successful collaborative efforts constantly evaluate whether the right mixture of stakeholders are working together and committed to the definition of success and supporting strategies. This same question, though, can significantly stymie a collaborative group’s forward momentum. When working within in an organization it’s not …Read More

The Complexity of Collaboration

by Amy Farley Goals such as “ending childhood hunger” or “building a healthcare system that works for all” are aimed at complex problems and generally require complex solutions. We all know that these types of problems can’t be solved by just one person, but the need to engage cross-sector stakeholders – most often times individuals who have vastly different perspectives on the problem and potential solutions – adds yet another …Read More

The Inevitable Chicken vs. Egg Battles of Collaboration

by Amy Farley In a recent post we explored the importance of finding progress in the overwhelming volume of “process” that can surface when a collaborative effort is just getting started. Inherent in helping group members find a sense of progress in their work is the need for a clear and commonly shared sense of destination: it’s difficult to feel forward momentum when you’re lost in the forest and are …Read More

Are You Collaborating On Solid Ground?

By Amy Farley You cannot realize social transformation in a vacuum. It requires looking outside yourself and beyond your organization’s walls, seeking opportunities to collaborate intentionally both with others you know well and with “unlikely suspects.” As we all know, this is easier said than done. Collaborative efforts can take a variety of forms, but in this post I want to discuss the type of collaboration that involves the strategic and …Read More

Not all collaboration starts at “collective impact”

By Will DeKrey As we continue to work with collaborative efforts across the country to build shared culture, set bold goals, develop strategy, and establish clear and productive governance structures and measures of success, we have seen that the emergence of the “collective impact” model has led some social sector leaders to overlook the benefits of other forms of collaboration. For example, we recently had the opportunity to assist Share …Read More

Conversations can make or break a collaborative

By Amy Celep Meet Sue. Her colleague, Joe, just did something with which she fundamentally disagrees. Sue marches over to another colleague, Tim, and complains about what Joe did, but never says anything directly to Joe. Or imagine that Sue silently fumes about the situation, never saying anything to anyone about it, or maybe she musters up the courage to say something to Joe but what comes out is a …Read More

In collaboratives, don’t forget to decide how to decide

By Sara Brenner Have you ever been part of a collaborative in which meeting after meeting you felt stuck and decisions were not made?   When talking with leaders across the country who are making transformational change, this sentiment is often shared. Leaders communicate a great optimism for the work, but also a frustration with the pace of progress. We hear about the importance of pivoting from planning to action, …Read More

How to Create and Live Partnership Principles

By Amy Celep Have you ever been part of a collaborative that agreed to uphold a set of values or principles but then the group never talked about them again and didn’t live up to them? In both our research around and work with efforts that have realized social transformation, we have seen that many of these efforts are able to make progress because they’ve invested time in intentionally building …Read More