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What the heck does Community Wealth really mean?

It’s funny how worlds sometimes collide, bringing a new lens to a familiar concept. Many of us who have read Bill Shore’s The Cathedral Within learned to think of Community Wealth as: Revenues generated to promote social change through non-traditional sources such as earned income, social enterprise, corporate partnerships and cause related marketing. These resources are generated because there is market that values the assets or services of a nonprofit …Read More

First Person: Mary McCullough-Hudson, President and CEO, Fine Arts Fund

Cincinnati’s Fine Arts Fund is now ArtsWave, the result of revamping its mission and changing its focus. President and CEO Mary McCullough-Hudson talked with Community Wealth Vanguard about balancing mission, innovation, and sustainability. One element influencing the case for change was a report the Fund commissioned, The Arts Ripple Effect: A Research-Based Strategy to Build Shared Responsibility for the Arts. What factors led the Fine Arts Fund to evaluate its …Read More

Sustaining Social Impact

According to Community Wealth Partners, a sustainable organization delivers relevant social impact and will continue to do so. Community Wealth Partners recently worked with two organizations, the Washington, DC-based Education Writers Association and Cincinnati’s Fine Arts Fund, as they assessed their missions and strategies to ensure sustainability. Community Wealth Vanguard talked to leaders from both organizations about how perceived threats to their sustainability—signs that they might become irrelevant if they …Read More