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  • When Good is Not Good Enough

  • Where to Start: Setting a Bold Goal

  • Social Transformation Lifecycle

Our article in the fall 2013 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

In this article, co-authored with leaders from KaBOOM! and Share Our Strength, we argue that the social sector must shift its attention from modest goals that provide short-term relief to bold goals that, while harder to achieve, aim to tackle social problems at the magnitude they exist. The article describes the obligation and opportunity KaBOOM! and Share Our Strength found in reflecting on their results and confronting the tough question, “What does success look like?”

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A field guide for setting your bold goal—the first step in pushing beyond incremental progress toward transformational change.

At Community Wealth Partners we are focused on one powerful question: Why do some social change efforts achieve transformational results while others only make incremental progress? As we have examined how transformational change agents define success for their efforts, we have found that they approach this question differently than many of their social sector peers. They push beyond compelling but often ambiguous vision and mission statements and instead define success with bold, long-term goals. Such goals lead to decisions that propel change agents on a clearer and more powerful trajectory, ultimately leading to greater impact, faster. This field guide offers a set of frameworks, examples and questions for change agents starting down the path of setting a bold goal.

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A tool to help you ask the powerful questions necessary for gauging and advancing your progress toward transformational change.

This tool draws from our client work and in-depth research on efforts that have tackled social problems at the magnitude they exist. Although this work is complex and messy, we’ve found that transformational efforts often progress through a common set of stages. Across each stage, there are critical questions with which change agents must wrestle, and ultimately answer to make progress. We would encourage you to locate your efforts within this lifecycle and consider which questions to begin answering.

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