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Share Our Strength

Taking a Campaign to Scale

Community Wealth Partners teamed up with Share Our Strength to define a theory of change and growth strategy for its No Kid Hungry campaign, create a set of metrics and a dashboard to track progress, and strategically align legacy programs to help achieve its campaign goal of ending childhood hunger in America.

The reality is that one in five children in America struggles with hunger. When kids miss out on the food they need, they suffer from more than a lack of nutrition; they face challenges in school, long-term health issues and struggle to live up to their full potential.

Yet, childhood hunger is solvable.

Through its No Kid Hungry campaign, Share Our Strength is working to solve the problem. The No Kid Hungry campaign works to end hunger by connecting kids to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals. Through the Cooking Matters program, the campaign educates and empowers low-income families to stretch their food budgets so kids get healthy meals at home. Finally, the campaign works to shed a national spotlight on the issue of childhood hunger in America, creating a powerful movement of individuals committed to bold action.

Since summer 2011, the No Kid Hungry campaign has helped connect kids facing hunger with 34 million additional meals, including 28 million additional school breakfasts and 6 million additional summer meals, and found ways to replicate that success across the country. Additionally, from 2004 to 2008, Share Our Strength raised about $13 million each year. Its 2013 revenue is expected to reach approximately $50 million, representing significant growth in a relatively short time.


“Community Wealth Partners played an instrumental role in bringing our No Kid Hungry campaign to the next level. Their strategic guidance and heavy emphasis on innovation enabled us to think differently about our work in a way that significantly enhanced our effectiveness. They pushed us to create a more metrics-driven approach and to sharpen our ROI, which has generated additional funding. They have a great ability to lead a process that garners organization-wide buy-in that’s crucial to real transformation. Working with Community Wealth Partners had a huge impact on our No Kid Hungry campaign and dramatically increased our capability to end childhood hunger in America.”  – Josh Wachs, Chief Strategy Officer, Share Our Strength 

Learn more about how No Kid Hungry works by watching this video.