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Our Work

You see a better world. We know you won’t rest until your dream is a reality. Neither will we.

This is what we do: We partner with leaders, organizations and networks to address needs in communities at the magnitude those needs exist.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a change agent in a nonprofit, foundation, government or corporation. What matters is that you’re committed to working together to push your dream forward.



We collaborate with our partners to reimagine what’s possible and take their organizations or networks—and their impact—to the next level.

We guide and facilitate individuals working across organizational and sector boundaries to solve problems as a high-impact network.

We engage essential, diverse stakeholders around smart, efficient, highly collaborative planning processes.

We help identify long-term, bold goals that define success and develop ways to track progress.

We help design clear, compelling strategies and action plans—plans that can be executed.

We assess and develop opportunities for organizations and networks to increase sustainability, with core expertise in social enterprise.

We unleash potential. Through a highly disciplined leadership development and coaching program, we support individuals in accessing their own courage and skills, while bringing them the tools, data, and approaches to do their best work, every day.

Once we’ve developed the high concept, our work is just beginning. We’re known for rolling up our sleeves and working as an extension of your team to get the job done.  Ask around and see for yourself.

To read more about how we work with partners and the resulting impact, explore our case studies.


While we’re focused on ensuring all people thrive, our key areas of emphasis include:

  • Poverty
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Hunger
  • Community Development
  • Affordable Housing


We seek partners who:

See potential to take their organization’s or network’s impact to a whole new level.

Crave collaborations that move beyond good intention to dramatic results.

Rely on the leaders in their networks to perform at their best to achieve social change.

If one of these describes you, we want to get to know you. Contact Us.