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Our Work

We take the “Partners” in our name seriously.

We create true partnerships, working side-by-side with change agents to turn their visions into bold goals, bold goals into plans, and plans into action. If you seek transformational change at the leadership, organizational, or community level – and whether you’re at a foundation or a non-profit organization – the Community Wealth Partners’ team is committed to working with you to push your dream forward.


For transformational change to occur, we believe there must be high-performing leaders who are working within high-performing organizations and are willing to look beyond their organizational boundaries to work collaboratively in communities. For this reason, we work on the leadership, organizational, and community levels to help our partners accelerate change, achieve their bold goals and solve social problems.

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Leadership Development and Coaching: We Help Unleash Potential

Through a highly disciplined approach to leadership development and coaching, we support individuals across networks and organizations in accessing their own courage and skills, while bringing them the tools, data, and approaches to do their best work.

Strategy and Implementation: We Reimagine What’s Possible

We collaborate with organizations to reimagine what’s possible, develop data-driven strategies, manage change, and take their organizations—and their impact—to the next level. This includes partnering with organizations to develop realistic plans for successfully implementing and financially sustaining new strategies and measuring progress toward achieving their bold goals. In implementation, we help organizations with change management, organizational design, long-term sustainability, continuous learning, and data analytics.

Community Collaboration: We Design and Guide Collaboration

We facilitate and guide groups of people working across a system to learn from each other and solve problems as a high-impact network. This includes supporting diverse stakeholder groups in assessing if and how they want to learn from each other and/or collaborate; building sustainable collaborative efforts, helping existing collaboratives overcome barriers to progress and work together more productively, and defining and implementing shared performance metrics to drive toward the effort’s ultimate goals.

In addition, we are committed to conducting and sharing research on transformational change:

We advance a research agenda focused on uncovering the drivers of transformational change and sharing our insights widely to influence behaviors within the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.



We want all people to thrive. As a Share Our Strength organization, our work is always grounded in issues related to poverty:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Employment
  • Community Development

To read more about how we work with partners and the resulting impact, explore our case studies.