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Stephanie Halley

Senior Consultant

HalleyWhat inspires me: The needs that exist in our communities, and the plenty that sits right beside that need. Finding and forging a bridge (and the examples of people who have done a good job at that)…that’s inspiring.

What I am most proud of: Using everything I have learned – in life, in work – to try to grow 2 beautiful boys into people who dream forward…they have great dreams!

I feel most courageous when: I go beyond my comfort level, stretching myself and the teams I work with.

In her role as senior consultant, Stephanie Halley leads client relationships and engagements, facilitates diverse leadership teams in bold decision making and supports their execution, and contributes to overall strategic firm initiatives.  Stephanie has been actively providing organizational management, capacity building, and fundraising services to the nonprofit community for 19 years. She lends her expertise in strategic planning, theory of change, fundraising, program design, management, and evaluation to the diverse nonprofits with which she works. Her background in various program areas (international development, public health, workforce development, and mental health) allows her to contribute to the work of a variety of nonprofits.  Stephanie has provided executive coaching on dozens of topics with nonprofit leaders across the country, led feasibility studies, facilitated merger discussions, and directed theory of change work for clients.  Prior to her consulting work, Stephanie served as Vice President of Development for Goodwill of Greater Washington where she established a new development team and expanded the traditional fundraising capacity of the organization. She has also served with organizations such as DC’s Department of Employment Services, the Center for Democracy, and The George Washington University. Stephanie graduated from James Madison University with a degree in political science, and studied in the public health master’s program at The George Washington University.

Phone: 443.803.7372

Email: shalley@communitywealth.com