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Jeetu Jodhpurkar

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Jeetu Jodhpurkar - logo What inspires me: Love in Action… The innate desire to make others feel good about themselves!

I do what I do because: It enables me to align my thoughts, words, and deeds with my life’s instruction, “Don’t get stuck anywhere and give as much love to as many people as you can.” Living my purpose to beautify the dream that this world represents, to the best of my ability is – to me – the open secret to final fulfillment.

I think the world would be better if: More of us realized our shared identity and lived every breath accordingly – that we are all not just similar, but one and the same at the core, regardless of the many external differences we have.

As VP of Finance & Operations, Jeetu is a member of the executive team, bringing extensive experience in financial management and organizational strategy. In this role, Jeetu contributes to the achievement of the firm’s social impact and growth via his skills in strategic analysis, business planning, and staff development.

Most recently, Jeetu managed the nationwide delivery of the American Gas Association’s engineering services. The scope of his role included operations, program management, best practices, and process improvements in 250+ member utility companies across the United States. Prior to that, Jeetu spent nearly 15 years at WGL, ultimately holding the position of Chief Operating Officer of Washington Gas Energy Systems. During his tenure, Jeetu contributed to nearly every aspect of the organization, including executive oversight of development, delivery, operations, general management, human resources, ITS, PMO, and support services functions.

Jeetu received an M.S. in Engineering Management from The Catholic University of America and completed The Executive Program from Darden Business School, University of Virginia. He is active in the community, having served as a national Board member of The Taproot Foundation, lends his talents to numerous social transformation efforts, and has run a nonprofit with his wife and two children since 2006.

Phone: 202.618.4790

Email: jjodhpurkar@communitywealth.com