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Gideon Steinberg

Director of Operations

SteinbergWhat inspires me: When someone dreams of changing the world and then accomplishes it.

I do what I do because: Sometimes the only way the lives of those in need can improve is when good people band together to make it happen.

I think the world would be better if: People sought first to understand and then to be understood.

In his role as director of operations, Gideon Steinberg supports the overall strategic objectives of the organization by leading operations and maintaining the organization’s general infrastructure needs. Gideon joined Community Wealth Partners in 2010, after having worked in an operational capacity in the non-profit sector for over ten years. He has specialized in the areas of human rights, social justice, the environment, social science and public policy research. He is skilled at directing the strategic deployment of resources and managing core business functions and processes, with core competencies in the areas of talent acquisition/management, human resources, information technology and finance. Gideon has previously worked at the Pew Research Center, a leading public policy and social science fact tank, the worldwide social justice non-profit, International Justice Mission, and at the Center for Public Environmental Oversight. Gideon holds a B.A. in Political Theory from the University of Dallas, and is Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

Phone: 202.618.4758

Email: gsteinberg@communitywealth.com