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Bethany Ellenbogen

Senior Associate

Bethany Ellenbogen

What inspires me: Stories, songs, and poetry that resonate or challenge my perceptions or beliefs.

I do what I do because: Timshel. The belief that we have the fundamental capacity and responsibility to choose. As such, I believe it’s my responsibility to contribute to solving large-scale issues that hinder peoples’ opportunities, health, happiness, and well-being.

I think the world would be better if: we practiced tolerance, kindness and respect towards everyone no matter how they look, think, dress, or what they believe.

As a Senior Associate, Bethany supports strategic client partnerships by developing a broad range of solutions for clients through analysis and research, designing client deliverables, and supporting overall project management.

Before joining Community Wealth Partners, Bethany worked as a Senior Research Associate at McKinley Advisors, a consulting firm serving associations, where she worked on projects related to strategic planning, concept testing, member assessments, pricing and operations analysis and industry benchmarking. She analyzed research results from surveys, focus groups, and interviews to identify relevant findings, uncover segment specific trends, and create actionable recommendations for clients. Over her tenure at McKinley Advisors, she fielded 43 surveys and helped facilitate 11 focus groups across 33 clients.

Bethany has a B.A. in Psychology from Emory University.

Phone: 202.618.4789

Email: bellenbogen@communitywealth.com