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Allison Brown


GrossWhat inspires me: Individual stories of overcoming overwhelming barriers: they show that anyone can elevate their voice and write their own destiny.

What I am most proud of: Being part of the global movement for women’s equality by starting a social enterprise that empowers girls to be strong and confident.

I do what I do because: I can focus day-to-day on developing solutions that address the broken systems leading to poverty and inequality. 

As a Consultant, Allison Brown leads client engagements, advises and coaches leaders, and spearheads internal teams to develop solutions and deliverables through research and analysis. She has a strong background in social enterprise strategy, with a focus on education and women’s empowerment initiatives. Her expertise is specifically centered around expansion planning, developing sustainable business models, and leading communication strategies. 

Allison previously worked as the India Field Manager with Gray Matters Capital Foundation, where she led the program development and cohort management for the IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise.  While in India, she also co-founded an empowerment and life skills training organization, VOICE 4 Girls, where she designed a revenue-generating business model, developed strategic partnerships, and oversaw operations to deliver services to over 4,000 girls. 

Allison has a B.B.A. in Communications and Social Enterprise Management from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

Phone: 202.618.4779

Email: abrown@communitywealth.com