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Your Survival is on the Line. Now What?

Last week’s keynote speech on “Investing In Leaders Who Stop at Nothing in Pursuit of Greater Social Impact”, by Leap Of Reason author Mario Morino at the City Club in Cleveland, should have been a wake-up call to nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.  If they take to heart Morino’s warning that “your survival is on the line”, they must ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What steps are you taking to build an organizational culture centered on performance and what metrics will you use?
  2. What investments are you making to diversify revenues in preparation for the inevitability of drastic cuts in government funding and increased competition for philanthropic grants?
  3. How have you prioritized talent and leadership and how is this reflected in way you budget finances and your time?
  4. Is your hard work leading to incremental progress or transformational change?

These are exactly the key questions we grapple with at Community Wealth Partners. Learn more about our work  at http://www.communitywealth.com/

Morino’s speech can be found at http://www.vppartners.org/sites/default/files/cityclubspeech_web_0424.pdf

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About Billy Shore

Billy Shore is the founder and executive director of Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit that is ending childhood hunger in America. Shore is also the chairman of Community Wealth Partners, a Share Our Strength organization that helps change agents solve social problems at the magnitude they exist.

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