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Dream Forward: What Leading Change Agents Have to Say

We’ve been asking leading change agents what they Dream Forward to. This week, we will begin to share what they have to say.

To Dream Forward is to imagine a world that looks dramatically different than today and to help others see that this world is possible and worthy of their action. We do this by being bold, by reimagining what is possible, but also by being believable and showing that there is a path forward.

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer over a decade ago, I had the fortune of serving on the board of ThyCa:Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association and helped to dramatically grow their network of support groups. We’ve been bold in our work, but believable in showing people how to make progress. We know that thyroid cancer, which affects about 11 people per 100,000 each year, is one of the fastest growing cancers in the country while other cancers are declining. In fact, the medical community predicts that thyroid cancer diagnoses will set a record high in 2013.  It’s a trend that baffles medical researchers.

Our goal: all thyroid cancer survivors live a high-quality life with a positive prognosis by accessing high-quality medical care, knowledge, and resources. We share this vision. We specifically seek out states with high incidence rates and a lack of resources, mobilize volunteers, establish networks of support and access to the best medical professionals, and map our progress in reaching patients and tracking their outcomes. The organization is achieving a highly networked and resourced world in which many survivors live highly fulfilled and productive lives. The organization has grown tremendously in resources and impact. We still recognize, however, that we live in a world in which people die from thyroid cancer. As we Dream Forward, I’ve begun to ask can we realize a world in which no one dies from thyroid cancer?

What do you Dream Forward to?

We’ve asked leaders from across the sector to share what Dream Forward means to them. We are honored to have Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, as our first guest author. Check back tomorrow to read about his dream.

Read on and get inspired. Share how you Dream Forward in response.

Sara Brenner

About Sara Brenner

As President, Sara Brenner leads the firm’s consulting business. Sara helped develop and is implementing the firm’s new strategy to solve social problems at the magnitude they exist, while leading a sales team that grew revenue by more than 45%. Sara oversees the implementation of the new strategy-aligning products, impact measurement, and talent initiatives with a results-based culture to deliver exceptional value to partners. With over 15 years’ experience in consulting for nonprofits, for-profits and the government, Sara worked extensively in the health and human services including at the Advisory Board Company and The Gallup Organization. See Sara's full bio

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