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Celebrating 20 Years: The Power of Small Acts in Advancing Change

At Community Wealth Partners, we’ve been about big ideas since the time of our founding. Billy Shore, our founder and the CEO of our parent organization, Share Our Strength, recognized that we would never solve social problems with donations alone. The social sector needed new—and significantly more—resources. Billy envisioned an organization that could help the sector think creatively about how to generate alternative streams of revenue so that one

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How to Get Real About Racism in Philanthropy

The families most impacted by inequities in the U.S. don’t need to study research about how the education, health and criminal justice systems are interconnected. They see it in their daily lives. When a main breadwinner is out of jail and employed, family members are better equipped to get to a critical doctor’s appointment, pay for food and rent, be attentive in school and participate in extracurricular activities.

Grantmaking organizations

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Six Steps to Get Intentional About Your Partnerships

As the social sector increasingly recognizes the importance of addressing the root causes of systemic challenges, it is becoming more critical to form strong partnerships. Partnerships have myriad benefits for individual organizations—from boosting efficiency to growing their influence—but the true potential of partnerships is transformational. If we can forge meaningful partnerships, we can help change systems.

Yet forming a partnership that effectively brings distinct groups together—each with its own

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When to Speak Out: Three Questions Foundations Might Consider

Woman with megaphone

In the days following the Trump administration’s Jan. 27 executive order to ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, many social sector leaders confronted the question of whether to speak publicly about their organizations’ perspectives on the ban. One group of more than 190 philanthropic and philanthropy-supporting organizations decided to sign a joint statement that criticized the executive order and called for policies that “reflect our nation’s founding principles,

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How the Kresge Foundation Is Exploring Ways to Apply a Racial Equity Lens to Grantees’ Leadership Development

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By Isabelle Moses and Claire Fiser
Between 2003-2012 less than one percent of total foundation grant dollars went to leadership development investments. And, when you compare investment in leadership development across sectors, nonprofits invest an average of $29 per employee per year for leadership development compared to $129 per employee per year at for-profit businesses.
As one means to strengthen leadership development in the nonprofit sector, The Kresge Foundation

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The Case for Gender Equity in the Charitable Sector

Three women stand in front of a blue and white wall

The social sector has a gender equity problem. While women make up three-quarters of the sector workforce, they comprise only 16 percent of CEOs of nonprofits and foundations with budgets over $50 million.

This post was originally published in Gender Equity in the Charitable Sector Learning Guide, a collaborative project of the 2015-2016 American Express NGen Fellows, a program hosted by Independent Sector. This post represents one piece of

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