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4 Common Pitfalls of Implementing Strategy in Networks

Just like families, networks can simultaneously serve as a source of great strength and great challenges. For leaders working to develop and implement strategies within a networked structure, this can be especially true. How do you set goals across a network and build a shared commitment to achieve them? How do you drive performance without undermining innovation? How do you cultivate shared learning?

Networks are tremendously diverse, ranging from

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What It Really Means to Hold Space for Someone

I recently came across a powerful article by Heather Plett on “What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone.” It resonated strongly with me. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be truly inclusive and believe that part of inclusivity is making space for people impacted by social problems to be leaders of the change rather than speaking for them. In my role as a consultant

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How Can Foundations Establish a Change-Making Culture?

Culture: the way we do things around here. This common phrase diminishes the importance of culture. Cultivating an intentional change-making culture is imperative for foundations that want to move from grant making to change making. Culture is a critical strategy for large-scale change and involves the consistent, long-term promotion of the values, norms, and daily behaviors that allow people, organizations, and communities to align their actions in a disciplined

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The Emerging Reality: What Does It Mean for Foundations & Nonprofits?


In 2011, our board and staff asked, “What are the greatest problems facing humanity?” This simple question set us on a path of exploring complex social and environmental issues, our beliefs about the root causes, and ultimately, an articulation of the role we want to play in solving some of the world’s most complex social problems. We committed to unleashing the power of change agents to create transformational social

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Putting Race, Equity, and Inclusion at the Center of Solving Social Problems: by Idalia Fernandez and Isabelle Moses

One of the things we love most about our work is hearing an audible gasp or “Huh, I never thought of it that way before.” These moments are the sound of disruption, when we know we’ve achieved a breakthrough.

In 2011, we experienced one of these moments at Community Wealth Partners when we asked our team to discuss, “What does it take to solve social problems?” This question led

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What Collective Impact Efforts Can Learn From Start-Ups

The sustainability and long-term viability of social change efforts are hardly ensured by their worthiness. Strategic thinking about finances, business strategy, and capacity are critical to sustaining this kind of work. Our experience has shown that change efforts involving multiple stakeholders in a formal collaborative also benefit from adopting a start-up mentality – where financial, human, and social capital are all considered integral to sparking and sustaining healthy growth

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