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The Case for Gender Equity in the Charitable Sector

The social sector has a gender equity problem. While women make up three-quarters of the sector workforce, they comprise only 16 percent of CEOs of nonprofits and foundations with budgets over $50 million. This post was originally published in Gender Equity in the Charitable Sector Learning Guide, a collaborative project of the 2015-2016 American Express NGen Fellows, a program hosted by Independent Sector. This post represents one piece of a …Read More

Leveraging Social Enterprise to Achieve Transformational Change

By John Kern One million students drop out of school every year. High school dropouts are eight times more likely to be incarcerated, and will earn one million dollars less over the course of their lifetime compared to those with a high school degree. In the coming decade, more than 12 million students are expected to drop out of school, costing the country three trillion dollars. While these statistics are …Read More