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Don’t Let Culture Eat Collaboration for Breakfast

By Amy Celep Collaboration makes sense. We see daunting social problems in our communities and we realize that we cannot tackle these problems alone. We can, however, pool our strengths and collectively achieve bigger results. But so often we struggle to realize the potential of collaboration. We create a national coalition, or a state collaborating table, or a local collective impact initiative. We set a bold goal. We determine the …Read More

When “The Basics” Become Revolutionary for Social Change

By Amy Celep Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of attending and speaking at three conferences: the Texas Nonprofit Summit, the KaBOOM! Playful City USA Summit, and Independent Sector. Across these convenings, two particular observations stuck in my mind: 1. “The Basics” Can Be Revolutionary “THAT ROCKED MY WORLD!” is the feedback I received from one leader who approached me after participating in a conversation around our …Read More

When Good is Not Good Enough

Today we issued a challenge to change agents across the social sector. The fall 2013 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review – released today – includes an article we co-authored with leaders from two clients and close allies of Community Wealth Partners: KaBOOM! and Share Our Strength. The article describes the obligation and opportunity both organizations found in reflecting on their results and confronting the tough question, “What does …Read More

Active, Intrepid and Egoless: New Postures of Philanthropy

By Amy Celep In my previous post, I highlighted a critical question that the Conference on Scaling Impact reiterated for me: “Can replication alone get us to impact?”  Many leaders are recognizing that while replication of programs may spread positive outcomes and is critical to their strategy, replication alone is not sufficient to achieve transformational change, which we define as solving a social problem at the magnitude it exists.  They …Read More

Can Replication Alone Get Us to Impact? (Thoughts from the Conference on Scaling Impact)

By Amy Celep Each year, the Social Impact Exchange Conference on Scaling brings together foundations, nonprofits, advisors and other change agents to consider how we can work and learn together to scale impact. The conference explores everything from technology to financing and evidence-building to collaboration. The community of practitioners and funders who attend the conference each year have rallied around the ideas of “evidence” and “scale” as cornerstones for increasing …Read More

We Are Community Wealth Partners: Here’s Why

Starting today, we are changing our name from Community Wealth Ventures to Community Wealth Partners. Over the last fifteen years we’ve pushed ourselves to do our work even more powerfully and we’ve evolved in terms of how we do our work in partnership with others. So our name must evolve as well. This new name reflects who we have gradually become. With this shift, we bring a fresh lens to …Read More

Dream Forward: Solving Problems at the Magnitude They Exist

Our journey to Dream Forward began in 2011, when U.J., a dear friend of our organization, asked us one question: “What are the biggest issues facing humanity?” Together, we explored the world’s challenges, the world we dream of living in—a world that looks dramatically different than the one we live in today—and the many reasons why it’s so hard to create this. We talked a lot about the barriers to …Read More

Insight #10: Build Culture, Intentionally

This is the twenty-sixth in a series of posts that will examine ten insights Community Wealth Partners has uncovered through our research of and experience with initiatives that have created transformational social change. Imagine yourself in your office, tackling one of the many things that are on your plate. You need a break so you head downstairs to the bowling alley. You and a colleague play a game while you talk about this and …Read More

Insight #9: Experiment, Learn and Evolve

This is the twenty-third in a series of posts that will examine ten insights Community Wealth Partners has uncovered through our research of and experience with initiatives that have created transformational social change. Every four years, our Presidential election and Inauguration afford us the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and what lies ahead. The second swearing-in ceremony of President Barack Obama was a reminder that we have the highest aspirations …Read More