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Funding Impact Through Innovation: An Update on Strive Partnership

By Alix Wilson The Problem Leading experts in early childhood development have identified third grade reading proficiency as a critical indicator of long-term academic success. Students who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade are at high risk of struggling in later grades and are much more likely to drop-out of school. In 2012, more than 43% of 3rd graders in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky were not …Read More

Man versus the Mosquito: Building Public Support to Save Lives

This is the eighteenth in a series of posts that will examine ten insights Community Wealth Partners has uncovered through our research of and experience with initiatives that have created transformational social change. Amy Farley’s recent post on our 7th transformational insight, “building public support,” reminded me of my experience working at Malaria No More.   Launching and growing Malaria No More truly felt like working on a presidential campaign: We were on a time-bound, …Read More

Before Fundraising, Focus on the Case for Evaluation

This is the third in a three part series of posts exploring the key ingredients for sustaining an organization’s evaluation capacity. We underscored in our last post the centrality of culture and leadership in building an organization’s evaluation capacity. But sustaining evaluation capacity also depends on an organization’s ability to sell the value of their evaluation efforts to its stakeholders. Effective evaluation depends on the engagement of numerous key stakeholders: …Read More

Sustaining Evaluation Starts With Culture and Leadership

In our last post, we reflected on the importance of evaluation to ensuring an organization’s overall sustainability. Our question was: what can organizations do to build and sustain their evaluation capacity? This question has been the focus of our recent work with the Connecticut Association for Housing Services (CAHS) and CASA de Maryland (CASA), two organizations that had come to recognize that evaluation capacity was about more than collecting some …Read More

Sustain Your Evaluation Capacity, Sustain Your Impact

This is the first in a three part series of posts that will explore the key ingredients for sustaining an organization’s evaluation capacity. As a part of our work studying transformational initiatives, we recently had an opportunity to speak with Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), about his organization’s efforts to break the cycle of poverty in Harlem.   We were eager to learn how …Read More

12 Cross-Sector Talent Recruitment Practices Ripe for Nonprofits

How can social sector organizations recruit the best talent from diverse communities?  How can we hold our own in the “War for Talent”? In our work with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, we’ve sought to unearth cross-sector examples of highly successful practices for connecting with networks of diverse talent and for recruiting staff.  We’ve focused on identifying practices that transcend organizational form and type.  We’ve looked for organizations that have demonstrated …Read More